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The challenges of urbanism are crying out for new ways to approach traffic planning. The bicycle can become a key solution. To ensure that money is invested wisely in traffic infrastructure and that there is a clear focus on demand, GPS traffic data collection via digital applications will play a key role in future traffic planning. Commonly used traffic counters deliver spot-related data relating to what has occured in the past, whereas new data analysis tools using the new possibilities of intelligent transport systems can provide a comprehensive picture of the actual traffic situation.

Bike Citizens Analytics is a GPS data analysis tool designed specifically to analyse bicycle traffic which places bicycle data analyses at the forefront of urban planning. It provides invaluable insights into cycling behaviour. It enables estimations of potential effects of of changes to infrastructure that are yet to be implemented or achieved. Missing links in the bicycle network can be detected and analysed. Furthermore, the digital tool enables infrastructure projects and their impacts o bicycle traffic to be evaluated and monitored.

Bike Citizens Analytics plays a key role in making cities more cycling friendly. It was developed in 2017 by Bike Citizens and the NHTV in Breda and it is beeing continuously developed. Its first version was named Bike Print, the current version is called Cycle Print.

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Cycle data through digitalisation

Bike Citizens focuses on promoting cycling and on developing app technology and data analysis for cities. The company was founded in 2011 with an investment of 1,500 euros by two former bike couriers and now is based in Graz and Berlin. The aim of Bike Citizens is to make urban cycling more attractive in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in cities. In order to achieve this goal, Bike Citizens develops products which offer urban cyclists a platform that gives them access to information and enables them to exchange information and ideas. Working in collaboration with cities, companies and organisations, Bike Citizens develops software solutions as well as communication and marketing concepts that promote cycling.

Bike Citizens believes that digitalisation has positive effects on the bicycle traffic, both on people’s behaviour and on the bicycle traffic frame work conditions in cities.

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